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Our Advice For Getting Your Foot On The HGV Driver Ladder

Right now, businesses all across the country are clamouring for more skilled, qualified drivers to support their distribution networks. With the industries demand for HGV drivers outstripping the supply available, more and more newly-qualified drivers will find that they get the pick of the litter when it comes to jobs in the field. From local delivery drivers to long-haul truck drivers, there have never been more opportunities out there for qualified HGV drivers. So, how easy is to for a fledgling driver to find their first HGV job, and what tips do we have for them?

Do I Need Experience?

Some jobs will require a lot more experience than others. That’s the same in any industry, so it understandable that there will be some jobs that you aren’t qualified for right away. These will usually be the higher paid positions, and it will be very clear what those are. However, all of those experienced drivers had to start somewhere! There are still plenty of roles available out there for a new HGV driver looking to get a foot on the career ladder – all you need it a qualification and the right attitude.

Driver Experience Agencies Vs DIY

If you feel like you’d need some help finding a job, there are some places you can go for help. Driver recruitment agencies are a popular option for first-time drivers, and you can’t really go wrong by using one. These agencies are specifically designed for new drivers to help them get their foot on the ladder, so it’s a good starting point if you’re not sure where to go. But make sure you’re ready – jobs go pretty quickly with these agencies!

Of course, you could always go down the traditional route and go it alone. This means creating yourself a CV that includes your experience, qualifications and any other relevant information, and then hit the street. Ideally, you would find the hiring managers for logistics and haulage firms in your area, or bigger companies who are advertising for the vacancies. You could do this via email, applications online, by post or even face to face. This last option will make you stand out from the crowd, as it’s a more unusual option, but it could be all you need to land a job and some experience.

Be Prepared

When you do get yourself a meeting with a prospective employer, whether for an official interview or just an unofficial chat, it always pays to be prepared. Make sure you’re wearing smart or smart/casual clothing, with a clean and tidy appearance. This will send out the right message – that you’re serious about your work. You will probably be asked about your qualifications and any work experience, so it’s worth having an answer pre-prepared, or at least have an idea of what you want to say. If they ask you to put anything in writing, make sure you take the time to give accurate information in readable writing.

Driver Development Programmes

Many employers provide induction training for new recruits, so they can instruct them in the way they like things done and get them used to their way of doing things. Sometimes there’s ongoing instruction and support too, which gives new drivers the benefit of their years of experience and gives them a great extra for their CV too. These development programmes may include instruction that goes beyond the actual driving to look at such things as the workings of the vehicle and the company as a whole.

At The LGV Training Centre, we don’t believe in just letting you go it alone as soon as you have your qualifications. We help you learn to be an HGV driver, and find your first job too. Our experts are dedicated to helping our newly qualified drivers find their feet in the industry, providing jobs straight out of training or providing information and referrals into one. For more information, just get in touch with us today.

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