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Nidd Transport’s green fleet investment

A Palletforce member is showing its true ‘green’ colours by replacing its entire fleet with environmentally friendly vehicles. Nidd Transport in Ripon is now using vehicles with fuel-efficient low-emission engines on all its domestic and international routes.

The firm is a shareholder member of Palletforce, the UK’s leading network of transport companies who work together to reduce the number of empty trucks on the road and reduce the amount of journeys being made by trucks.

“As a leading transport company making daily journeys to and from Europe, we take our environmental impact very seriously,” said Steve Godfrey, Sales Manager at Nidd Transport.

“These new vehicles, combined with driver monitoring and education in the best way to use the vehicles, will not only reduce our impact on the environment but also improve our efficiency and allow us to offer an even better service to customers both in the UK and on the continent.”

Nidd Transport has also revamped its company branding – adding a green element to its logo and truck livery to reflect its commitment to environmental responsibility, as well as modernising the company’s image.

From its purpose built warehouse and office complex in Barker Business Park, Nidd Transport specialises in express deliveries into the U.K. and Ireland as well as mainland Europe, with genuine ‘daily’ services to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Germany. They can also provide secure, racked, warehousing coupled to container de-stuffing facilities and a ‘pick and pack’ break-bulk service.

“Working efficiently to deliver quality service whilst minimizing our effect on the environment is what we do best at Palletforce and it is fantastic to see members like Nidd Transport embracing their responsibility with such commitment and investment,” said Palletforce Chief Executive Michael Conroy.

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