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New Truck Stop Awards

Recruitment specialists, Milestone Operations has unveiled a new Truck Stop Award.

Milestone says the Truck Stop Awards will help local truck stops to promote their businesses and give some of the smaller independent truck stops and cafes the recognition they deserve.

Truck Stops are being encouraged to get their customers to vote for their truck stop which is listed on the Milsetone website http://www.milestoneops.com/truck-stops/.

It’s simple to vote, you just use the Facebook function and click ‘Like’. So get online and get voting!

The competition is running until the end of September and the winner will be announced shortly after. The most ‘liked’ truck stop will have the opportunity to get involved in PR activity and Milestone will help to promote the business amongst the Milestone driver community.

Remember, the competition is based purely on how ‘liked’ a truck stop is, this could be for various reasons including friendly service or tasty food. It is not a competition based on fancy facilities. For more information contact Milestone on 0207 7884891.


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