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LGV licence must be renewed every five years

From January 2013 all lorry drivers, regardless of their age, will need to renew their LGV licences every five years.

At present, only drivers aged over 45 need to renew their licences every five years, as well as demonstrate their fitness to drive through a full medical report. However, the new regulations will mean all drivers need to reapply every five years, although those under 45 will not be required to undergo a medical and will only need to renew their photograph every 10 years.

The European requirements are being introduced in the UK following a public consultation, which included representations from industry trade associations, in an effort to improve road safety standards.

The changes will be implemented by the Department for Transport in conjunction with the Driving Standards Agency and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

DVLA chief executive Simon Tse, says: “These changes will provide a useful additional reminder for lorry drivers. They will help to ensure that drivers of these vehicles will continue to operate to high levels of levels of safety by ensuring that they are fit to drive.”

Go to the DirectGov website for more details.

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