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Category C (Rigid body vehicle / Class 2 / LGV Licence)

If you took your car test after 1997 and would like to drive an LGV over 3,500kg then our fantastic LGV training courses can help you gain the perfect licence for you. The Category C is a smaller truck, normally used for making local deliveries. Rigid, Class 2 and LGV all refer to the same licence and our training courses can help you achieve yours.

At The LGV Training Company we can arrange LGV training courses nationwide. Once you have completed your training and you have your Class 2 licence you can expect to earn up to 25k a year.

LGV drivers will always be in great demand – it’s simple logistics to undertake the LGV driver training! Suppliers need to move goods from point A to point B, and they need drivers to move them! You’ll know that already because you will have seen the drivers out on the road. When you’ve passed your LGV training course and obtained your licence you will be one of them – with no boss on your back and no office politics, just a simple honest day’s work. We think you’ll like it.

We hope this all makes sense and you enjoy your new LGV driving career, and remember we also provide all the theory test materials you are going to need. If you have any questions about our LGV training course we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 0800 0744 007 or click here for an instant quote!

If this is not what you are looking for and want to know what else is available, for example Driver CPC, then please feel free to browse through the rest of the site.

Passed the theory test? Want to find out more about our Driver CPC training? Give us a call on 0800 0744 007 for more information, or click here for an instant quote or to request a call back.

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The path to obtaining your Cat C LGV licence:

Step 1. Book Course

You can enquire online, or if you need to have a chat with one of our LGV Training Advisors, you can call us on 0800 0744 007

Step 2. Training Pack

We'll send you out an LGV Training Pack, which you'll get the very next day. This contains everything you need to get started!

Step 3. Medical Test

When your LGV Training pack is with you, step number one is the LGV medical. Don't worry - it's just a 5 minute health check.

Step 4. Fill in Forms

When your LGV medical is done, send away the forms for your provisional licence with your current licence.

Step 5. Revision

Remember, keep revising for your LGV theory test at home throughout this process.

Step 6. Theory Test

Your theory test consists of two parts, but don't worry, every question is covered by our comprehensive online revision material.

Step 7. Training Date

When you have passed the theory test, give a quick call to your Training Advisor and they will confirm your training dates.

Step 8. Practical Test

When you've passed your LGV practical test, take your Driver CPC Initial Qualification (if applicable) and attend your two day Direct Access work skills course.

Step 9. New Career

That's it! You're done! Call The LGV training Company Job search team for available LGV driving jobs in your area.

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