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HGV Drivers are the Most Aware of All Road Users

According to a survey by UK business insurance broker Swinton Commercial, HGV drivers have the most in-tune road knowledge of all road users.

The survey of 2,200 road users showed that nearly 80 per cent of HGV drivers correctly identified all of the randomly chosen twenty road signs from the Highway Code with only 63 per cent of motorists and 59 per cent of van drivers identifying the right signs. Cyclists received the worst results, however, with only 42 per cent giving the correct answers to all twenty road signs.

The survey also revealed that HGV drivers were the most courteous on the road with nearly 45 per cent giving way to other road users. This is in comparison to only 37 per cent of motorists who regularly give way.

New business manager at Swinton Commercial, Sean Thompson said: “Naturally, HGV drivers spend most of their time on the road so it is vital that they are up to speed with the Highway Code and driving etiquette. Common courtesy costs nothing so it is important for all road users to remember that their actions behind the wheel can have a real impact on other motorists.”

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