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Good industry response to driver shortage challenge


The industry has responded robustly to calls from the head of a new working group for operators to get involved to help tackle the skills crisis.

Road Haulage Association chief executive Geoff Dunning says he is pleased by the response from operators to his call to get involved in the initiative (CM 14 June).

“There’s been a good number of volunteers,” Dunning tells Commercialmotor.com. “There’s no doubt that the issue of the driver population is a growing concern.”

However, the first meeting of the Drivers’ Occupational Craft Skills Group, which was due for last month, will now take place at the start of October.

In September Skills for Logistics (SfL) is hosting a lunch event unveiling a range of occupational skills groups, of which drivers is just one.

In May SfL published a report predicting a looming driver shortage.

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