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Fuel duty freeze until 2015?

Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested the coalition government will scrap any further fuel duty increases for the length of the current parliament.

Media reports today (23 April) quote Cameron, who was out on the local election campaign trial in Derbyshire yesterday, as saying he wishes to keep going with moves to block rises in duty on fuel.

Last month, the chancellor announced in the Budget that September’s planned increase would be scrapped.


The Telegraph quotes Cameron as saying: “We have cancelled and delayed almost all of these fuel duty increases. We even cut fuel duty on one occasion. We will keep going to try and keep that fuel duty increases off, recognising that it is the really big bills that people really care about and want help with.”


The current parliament runs until 2015, although the prime minister did include the caveat that scarping duty increases are subject to the wholesale price of oil remaining at its current high.

Exclusive research conducted for Commercial Motor by ComRes and published last month showed strong support for the road freight and haulage industry from MPs and the general public alike.

The survey of 150 cross-part MPs revealed high approval in regards the effectiveness of the FairFuelUK campaign (865) and 79% of MPs of the view that haulage companies are an important part of the economy in their constituency.

A separate poll of 2,002 adults in Great Britain found 79 of the UK road freight/haulage industry played an important role in the UK economy, and  71% thought UK-owned trucks should pay a lower rate of tax on diesel fuel than other vehicles in order to allow them to compete more fairly with foreign trucks.

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