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Focale delivers impressive fuel savings for AW Jenkinson

HGV driver training specialist Focale says that it will save one of its customers £700,000 in just 12 months by cutting its fuel costs.

The Madeley Heath company is working with Penrith based AW Jenkinson Forest Products, which has a fleet of more than 300 vehicles. Last year its fuel bill was more than £16 million but Focale says its Eco-Driving course should see that slashed by £700,000.

The course takes drivers through best practice techniques such as better anticipation to reduce the need to slow down and accelerate, block changing on gear shifts and not double de-clutching or idling. Focale managing director John Horton said: “These are all quite simple techniques that drivers should already know but we refresh them and add a few touches.”

“For example, we have our trainers working up and down the country and one of the things they teach on the Eco-Driving course is stress behind the wheel. It is surprising how much more fuel efficient a relaxed driver is than a stressed driver and we coach them on this. It works and when you look at the scale of a big fleet it delivers impressive fuel savings.”

“With another of our clients which runs truck mixers we got the average miles per gallon up from 4.1 to six. With fuel being such a big overhead for hauliers it would be foolish to ignore simple changes for drivers techniques that can save so much money”.

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