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First new Volvo FH sells for £120,000 on eBay


The first new Volvo FH, auctioned for 10 days on eBay, was sold for over €150,000 (approximately £120,000) to the owner of Ducournau Transports in France.

Jean-Pierre Ducournau, founder of the French transport company, won the special edition truck when the charity auction ended on Saturday (29 September). Determined to win, he made the bid so late that eBay only just adjusted it above his previous bid just before the auction ended.

“I am so pleased to have won this auction. Already in the mid-seventies, I was first in the south of France with owning the first Volvo F12 truck, and for several decades I have been supporting different charity auctions,” said Ducournau, who has a fleet of 315 vehicles.

35 bidders from all over Europe placed 95 bids on the special edition FH, which attracted more than 165,000 visitors to the site.

The winner will receive the keys in Gothenburg, Sweden in Spring 2013 and will be invited to South Africa to present the Star for Life charity with his bid.

Last Wednesday bidding stood at €225,400 (£179,059), however Volvo made sure that the list of bidders only included people who were sure they wanted to follow through with their bid and consequently some bidders withdrew.

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