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HGV Driving Tips: “Adjust Your Speed Depending on the Conditions”

One of the main points when becoming a HGV driver is to always bear in mind the safety of yourself and the others around you on the roads. When driving, you will experience a variety of different conditions and it is essential that you know to adjust your speed to match these. Here at The LGV Training Company you should be fully aware of the difficulties you may face on the roads and how to handle them so that you keep yourself and the vehicle in one piece.

Traffic Conditions

Many accidents can occur when traffic is moving slowly, when there seems as though there is no cause for concern. People often become agitated by sitting in a queue for hours on end due to a previous accident or roadworks, and they can get far too close to other vehicles. Therefore if you are stuck in traffic, remember to keep your calm and most importantly keep your distance. Rushing can often cause accidents so drive as slowly as you need to.

In contrast, if you are on a fast moving motorway it is important not to get caught up in the craze. Remember to drive at a suitable speed as due to the size of your vehicle and the weight of your load.

Road Conditions

Rain is a common occurrence as we well know in this country and driving in it can be a nightmare for all drivers. You should always remember to turn on your lights when driving in the rain to make sure you are visible to other vehicles, and make sure you allow plenty of space in front of you. It is much more difficult to stop when the road is wet so always take this into account. When overtaking, indicate for longer than usual so that you are sure everyone around you has been able to see what you are doing. If a road is muddy or there are icy conditions these can be extremely hazardous. Do not try to battle on simply because you think you will be okay, if there is any doubt pull over.

At The LGV Training company we have many more pointers which will help you to be safe on the roads. For more information about our training packages do not hesitate to contact us via phone on 0800 0744 007.

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