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Driver CPC could result in autumn 2014 driver shortage

Operators could face an acute shortage of drivers next autumn in the busy pre-Christmas period, Skills for Logistics (SfL) has warned.

SfL chief executive Mick Jackson fears the September 2014 deadline for Driver CPC compliance could push part-time and semi-retired drivers out of the industry just as they are needed for seasonal demand.

A report by transport and logistics recruiter Milestone found that 7% of drivers do not intend to undertake Driver CPC training.

“The real pressure for driving resources is the Christmas peak and quite often retired and part-time drivers are used to help at peak times,” said Jackson.

“If you get the perfect storm of those two things happening and the economy picking up, then we may well be looking at a driver shortage.”

The last driver shortage, in 2002-03, saw drivers from abroad stepping into the breach. “I don’t think we could rely on European labour again, and I don’t believe we should. We need to recruit young drivers into the industry and train them up,” he insisted.

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