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Crossrail ups HGV cycle safety procedures

This article originally appeared on roadtransport.com. To read more, visit http://www.commercialmotor.com/latest-news/crossrail-ups-hgv-cycle-safety-procedures

HGVs delivering to Crossrail construction sites that have not been fitted with safety equipment for cyclists will be refused entry, according to the engineering firm.

In addition, contractors will be liable for any costs incurred if they are turned away, as the company pushes ahead with measures to support Transport for London’s work to improve conditions for cyclists.

HGVs are expected to have been fitted with Fresnel lenses, side scan equipment, under-run guards and warning alerts for cyclists.

Crossrail was unable to confirm to CM.com how many principal contractors it relies on as it went to press, but it says they have all given their “full support” to the strategy.

It also says more than 2,000 lorry drivers have received road safety training and that “a limited number of lorries” have already been turned away from its sites.

“HGVs that do not comply with our increased requirements will be refused entry to Crossrail worksites and turned away, incurring financial cost to individual contractors,” says Andy Mitchell, Crossrail programme director.

“As our contractors often work on multiple construction projects, these new safety measures will help improve lorry safety across the construction industry, delivering benefits for cyclists across London,” he adds.

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