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If you want to find out more about life as an HGV Driver, but don’t know where to start, then our new YouTube channel is your ideal destination!

At The LGV Training Company, we get asked a lot of questions about what daily life is like as an HGV Driver. So, we’ve made two handy videos with real drivers talking about their experiences to give you a taste of what the job is like.

Austin is in his early 30’s and is a qualified ADR driver, who has worked for a well-known Brewery and now works for a National Gas Provider. He talks about how he got into the industry, and what he loves about his job.

Marcel has been driving for 37 years for a heavy haulage firm, regularly transporting seriously heavy loads like excavators and even a helicopter! He talks about how he got into the industry, what he loves about his job, and what his favourite breakfast is!

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