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Apps for the Tech Savvy LGV Driver

Everyone and his dog have a smartphone or tablet these days and LGV drivers are no exception. Those design wizards who work behind the scenes creating apps for everything you can imagine and more have taken notice of the LGV industry and designed a multitude of apps to make your time on the road easier. So what are the most effective apps for your journey?

Need A Parking Space?

Not a problem! You can download an app directly to your phone that will let you know where the nearest parking facility is at the touch of a button! How many times have you lost time by circling an unknown city trying to seek out a space? With this app, you can set your location before you start your journey so you know exactly where the spaces are before you’ve even set out.

Manage Your Time

The Truck Timer app is designed specifically for LGV drivers in the UK and Europe and is already in use by over 3,000 individuals. Truck Timer is designed to monitor your driving hours and alert you to impending fatigue violations so you are kept within the legal limits of the EU drivers’ hours regulations. The app supports WU, AETR and GB domestic HGV regulations and implements rules to keep you on track, such as split breaks, 10 hour days, twice per week and more. It stores your information so you can get daily, weekly and fortnightly summaries of your driving activity and the home screen shows you how much time you have left before your next fatigue violation.

Ease Your Navigation

The University Of Leicester’s G-STEP project has built a free app based on Google Earth that provides drivers with a layer of different and informative maps so drivers can select the best for their needs based on height, weight restrictions, traffic patterns, congested roads and tight turns. This app could revolutionise driving in the UK as most cities were built long before the days of the motor car, let alone the LGV, so now drivers have an array of options to avoid tight situations.

Here at The LGV Training Company, we strive to stay on top of the latest technology that’s changing the LGV industry. The future looks bright for LGVs and we can help you jump start your career so you’re on the fast track, for more information on our courses and packages get in touch today on 0800 0744 007 and speak to a dedicated member of our team.

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