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4-day Courses in LGV/HGV Training

The open roads provide freedom like nothing else; it gives you an opportunity to clear your head, if you’ve had a particularly hectic day at work, a drive around the stunning countryside near your town could help you drive your way to tranquillity. If you’ve had enough of sitting in the office mindlessly typing away at your computer then it’s time for a career change, and driving could be the perfect choice for you. There are a whole host of benefits, and the biggest plus is that there will always be a demand for LGV drivers; after all, goods always need to be moved from one place to another! To start your new career, first you have to undertake LGV training and whether you’re a beginner or someone that has driving experience, we at The LGV Training Company can organise training nationwide.

What’s Involved in Training?

The training courses take on various different routes dependent upon your skill levels; new drivers must first obtain their Category C LGV licence, which takes the following the steps:

– Once you’ve booked your course, we will send out a training pack for you to peruse and get your head around. Inside this you’ll find the hazard perception which is something you should ensure that you practice whenever you can.
– You’ll then have to complete a medical test, but you needn’t worry about being scrutinised for every aspect of your health as this is a simple and small test to ensure that you’re fit to drive on long distances and in small confinements.
– Now it’s time to take your theory test! Make sure you’ve practiced at every spare moment as this makes up a huge part of learning to become a professional driver.
– Once this has been passed you’ll be ready to take your practical test and start your new career!

You needn’t worry about carrying out this training for weeks or months as you can undertake it in just four days by coming to us here at The LGV Training Company. For more information, feel free to browse our website or alternatively get in touch with one of the team on 0800 0744 007.

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