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300,000 drivers have completed Driver CPC periodic training

Almost 300,000 professional drivers have now completed their Driver CPC periodic training, the latest Driver Standards Agency (DSA) data shows.

Data for November shows 291,421 professional drivers (PCV and LGV) have completed the mandatory 35-hours of periodic training and triggered their Driver Qualification Cards, ahead of the September 2014 deadline. This compares with 273,897 in October.

It means that as of November 689,664 drivers were engaged in the CPC periodic training process (compared with 680,175 in October), having undertaken at least one seven-hour session of training.

Based on DSA’s own estimate it means as many as 60,336 professional drivers are yet to start their periodic training, although this is a worst-case scenario.

November’s Driver CPC figures (the breakdown of hours completed by drivers)

7 hours – 92,174
7.5 to 14 hours – 78,560
14.5 to 21 hours – 90,905
21.5 to 28 hours – 130,580
28.5 to 35 hours – 264,151
(More than 35 hours 33,294)

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