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Driver CPC - who needs it?

If you passed your CAR test AFTER January 1997, and will be using your license for work, you will need to take the Driver CPC. This is as a result of a change in legislation which took place in September 2009. If you passed your CAR test BEFORE January 1997, and have a C1 or 7.5 ton entitlement on your license, you do NOT need to take the Driver CPC Initial Qualification. Please see the section below on Periodic Training.

Driver CPC Initial Qualification

Driver CPC Initial Qualification consists of two parts, Module 2 and Module 4.

Module 2 is a case study test which is conducted at the Theory Test Centre. It lasts approximately 30 minutes, and can be revised from the CPC book which we will provide as part of your CPC package. This is usually conducted around the same time that you take your theory tests.

Module 4 is a practical demonstration test which lasts approximately 30 minutes. It involves walking around a stationary vehicle with the examiner and demonstrating that you can complete several crucial checks. This is usually conducted after you have passed your practical test or during your training week.

*Driver CPC test costs £ 299 including VAT, test fees, vehicle and instructor hire, revision materials and fuel. For more information, call us FREE on 0800 0744 007 or fill in our contact form.

Driver CPC Periodic Training

The LGV Training Company also provides CPC Periodic Training. After completing the CPC, you will be required by law to make sure that you undertake 35 hours Driver CPC periodic training every 5 years. Most of this training will be conducted in house once you are in employment. If you do not require the CPC Initial Qualification, you will still be legally required to maintain your Driver CPC periodic training hours. Our Fast Track course counts as 14 hours towards this training, but if you would like to speak to an adviser about other options for your Periodic Training, please call us on 0800 0744 007 .

If this is not what you are looking for then please visit our other pages for information on HGV training, LGV Training or HGV Jobs.

For more information on LGV or HGV Training, call us FREE on 0800 0744 007

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